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Yes, We have openings available. Call us today for a tour!      940-435-3530

Yes, We have openings available. Call us today for a tour!      940-435-3530

About Us


Windsor House is a living space is available for seniors who are no longer safe at home but are unable to afford the exponential costs of traditional assisted living communities. Our exceptionally caring and dedicated staff is committed to maintaining a safe and comfortable setting as our residents open this new chapter in their lives.


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Our Care Philosophy

Our philosophy is centered around 5 powerful and beneficial doctors.  We rely on daily visits with each of these doctors to enrich our residents' health and wellbeing.  These doctors drive our commitment:

Spaghetti Meal

Dr. Nutrition


We commit to providing our residents with 3 well balanced meals and protein rich snacks throughout the day.

Asian senior or elderly old lady woman patient on wheelchair in park _ healthy strong medi

Dr. Sun

We commit to 30 minutes of daily direct or indirect sun exposure.


Dr. Spirit

We commit to 1 hour of silence daily to allow our residents time to connect to their higher power.

Senior Citizen Exercise Class

Dr. Exercise

We commit to 1 hour of daily scheduled and guided exercise for our residents.

Hotel Bedroom Entrance

Dr. Sleep

We commit to providing a quiet, peaceful and calming environment during sleep time for each of our residents.

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